Kickstarter End is Near: 4 Ways to Help

Thank you for your support this month. We are down to the last few days of the Rolled campaign and I could really use your help one last time. Here is what you can do:

1) Raise your donation level just a little bit: this will make an enormous impact and you get great stuff. Go for the shirt, signed DVD, or get your named dropped in the film.

2) Send a message to some close family and friends encouraging them to chip in.

3) Endorse the project on FacebookLike, comment and share any posts you see about the project over the next 4 days. Tell people this is their last chance to be a part of the project.

4) Keep the Kickstarter page open, constantly refreshing, cheering it on out loud in your office so others come over to see what all the commotion is about. Then convince them to donate.

The Final Push

This is it, everyone. It’s all or nothing and I’m dying to go shoot this film. As of right now, 387 people have donated, 2,857 people have liked Rolled on Facebook, and 400 million people want to know about it but the link hasn’t made it to them yet.

I’d like to take moment to talk in more depth about two of the four ways you can help.

2) Rolled has had enormous success from all of you messaging your friends. While we’ve had some great articles in LA Weekly, Gawker, and Huffington Post, they have done nothing more than legitimize the project to the public. The funding has been 99% friends and friends of friends. Please, message a few friends and ask them to chip in. It would be a huge help.

3) You may have noticed that you don’t see updates from all of your friends on Facebook. This is because Facebook determines what is important for you and your friends to see based on amount of likes, comments, and shares. Help Rolled get the most exposure possible by leaving comments, liking, and sharing any messages you see on Facebook about Rolled. You’ll probably see the most by going to my Facebook page.

My good friend has started a new blog called Serious Doodles and has made her first two posts dedicated to Rolled. One is the Charmin bear TPing Pooh Bear, who probably deserved it. The second photo is what happens to you when you don’t eat your brussels sprouts at the Ganzells house.

The Charmin bear TPing Pooh Bear
The Charmin bear TPing Pooh Bear
What happens to you when you don’t eat your brussels sprouts at the Ganzells house?
What happens to you when you don’t eat your brussels sprouts at the Ganzells house?

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