Rolled Kickstarter: 32 Years of Toilet Papered Houses

A documentary exploring the adventures & risks we take with our friends growing up. But really its about kids toilet papering houses.

When we were young we took risks like toilet papering houses just for the thrill. Who said we had to stop?

In 1979 a kid from LA got together with three of his friends because he wanted to artistically toilet paper a house. They planned it out knowing exactly what they would do, how long it would take, and how it would look in the end. One of the kids filmed it.

They continued this mischief throughout their high school years. When one graduated, they replaced him with a new member to carry on a specific job in the group. These jobs included the “historian” who photographed or filmed every house they hit.

In the late 90s, I joined this group as the historian. I recently convinced my three compatriots to recount their experiences. They said yes, we collected some great stories, and we were also able to meet the group’s founding member.

What remains is to go to Los Angeles to meet and film the kids currently in the group, and see how it’s doing since we left in 2000. The footage that was shot over the last 32 years also needs to be unarchived and digitized.

To complete the film, donations are needed for camera, sound and lighting operators; city permits, insurance, motion graphics and post production.

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