Rolled Needs Help With Outreach

Before I dive into some of the Rolled details I’d like to encourage you to Like the film on Facebook. In the not-so-distant future I’ll be posting a trailer of Rolled online, and having the help of a community on Facebook will make its reach that much larger.  Right now we have 161 fans while over 490 people donated to the kickstarter campaign, and over 3,500 people liked the kickstarter page – If we can convert some of those numbers it’ll be very valuable to the success of the films online campaign. So thanks for “liking” us on Facebook and telling your friends that they should too.

It’s been a little over a month since I last reached out to you all. Stickers are in my possession and most of you will eventually get them in the mail. We have a few other details to take care of first, like finishing the film. Good news on that front – we’re really close. I’ve been working hard with 2 very close editor friends of mine over at Jaded. We’ve edited, re-edited, and screened the film a few times and decided it was ready to be sent off to a couple film festivals..I’m very happy to announce that at this point the DVD is in the mail headed to the South By South West Film Festival, and it’s in the hands of the San Francisco Film Festival. Details will come in a few months.

For now we’ll be continuing to try to connect with people on Facebook, Twitter and our web page to spread the word of the film. Next will be the trailer. Then hopefully the screenings will start. At that point we’ll be printing DVD’s and sending them off to all those who requested them.

Sincerely, Whit Scott

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