The Ridiculous Kickstarter Outtake Reel

Hi, everyone, and thanks for checking in! Good news: I made it past the halfway point last week, both in time and fundraising. The film also got some great publicity from The Huffington Post and LAist.

I can’t thank you all enough for your continued involvement with Rolled. We are nearing the home stretch. I’d like to encourage you all to keep sending the campaign to your friends and family. Though the blog posts have been nice, I’ve found that friends passing the link along to other friends and family has proven most helpful.

Making the video for Kickstarter was no easy task. While I’ve spent a decent amount of time on stage, I have not spent much time in front of a camera: thus, many outtakes occurred. I threw together a little outtake reel for your enjoyment.

In case you’d like to share the write-ups about the film, here’s a list of all the links.

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